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TIM Professional can be configured to raise an alert when particular events occur whilst the system is running. 

The levels of alert are defined as Urgent/Critical, Warnings and Information. The events that could cause these alerts are described below:

Urgent/ Critical alerts
  • The system couldn’t locate a particular configuration file.

  • PBX data was received from an unknown source. This could indicate a malicious attempt to falsify data.

  • Any error during the mathematical processing of call data.

  • A voluntary system shut-down occurred because an important file could not be accessed due to another process having it already open.

  • A PBX data template could not be located or is missing.

  • Any error during file access in processing PBX data.

  • Any error during the batch pre-process cycle.

  • Any error accessing the call database.

  • An invalid or missing tariff table.

  • Some discarded call data could not be saved for future inspection.

  • Any non-recoverable general reporting error but not including normal feedback from the reporting engine.

  • Any error associated with sending an e-mail.

  • Any error raised whilst administering scheduled reports.

  • Unauthorised access on the TCP data or web server ports.

  • Any other web server type error which could indicate a malicious attack using the HTTP protocol.

  • Any error when generating on-the-fly images such as those used in creating charts for reports.

  • Problems during the automatic archiving of historical call data.

  • Any occasion where the complete contents of the call database were removed.

  • Inactivity timer alerts

  •  Problems decoding specific PBX data, where the format subscribes to a published protocol.
  • Web page accesses including the IP address of the client requesting the page.

The alerts can be saved to a log file on disk or sent as an e-mail notification, as detailed in the Setup section of this documentation.