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When logging in to TIM Enterprise, the following dashboard screen is displayed:

The information you see on this screen is relevant only to the area to which you've been granted access. For example:

  • If you are a site administrator, the graphs, live call view and any other call-related information will be derived from calls that happened only on your own site and not those from any other sites within the system.
  • If your login account is restricted to a specific user group (department), the statistics will relate only to the call information for users within that particular group.

The dashboard screen consists of a toolbar along the top of the page and three main panels.

The toolbar is the main menu that you use to navigate the major features of TIM Enterprise. The tabs that make up the toolbar differ according to the type of account you use to log in with. The screenshot above displays an example dashboard screen for a user account that has administrative privileges whereby all of the tabs are present; however, for a restricted web user account, some of the tabs might not be visible.

The three panels that make up the dashboard screen are as follows: