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The TIM Plus service can only be accessed through a web browser. When using the web browser, a username and password must be entered, and together these form a login credential, known as a Web user.

You can have an unlimited amount of web users. A web user can be defined as someone who is allowed to access to TIM Plus via a web browser. Access for any user can be restricted to a specific site or team.

Adding a new web user

To add a web user to the system, click on the Settings tab and click on the New button as shown below:

Web users

The following screen will appear: Web users

A Username and Password will need to be provided to allow the user to log in. You will also need to add a display name to identity the user when running reports and an e-mail address. This is mail address can be used when scheduling reports. The drop-down list alongside the sites and groups allow you to restrict access to specific area. If this is left at the default setting, the web user will be allowed to access all areas of the directoty.

Press the Save button to add the web user.

Storing phone numbers

TIM Plus allows you to add specific location names to phone numbers. This name will then appear rather than the generic location name. For example, Tri-Line will appear instead of the generic Londonin reports, display boards, etc.)

To add a location name, simply type in the telephone number as it is usually dialled and add the name that you would like to be associated with this number. Then press the Add button as shown below.

Note: Locations can be added to part or full numbers. e.g. If you call several numbers in a range of DDI numbers, you may only want to add the first part of the number i.e. 020726526** for Tri-line i.e. use ** as wild cards.

If you are a maintained customer and have a number of names and associated locations in digital format that you would like to load into TIM Plus, please contact out support team at [email protected] and they will assist. This will be quicker than loading up locations individually.

If you no longer want a location associated with a particular number, simply click on the icon alongside it to remove.

Adding Account codes

TIM Plus allows you to allocate names to account codes. This name will then appear rather than the generic account code which, may be almost meaningless.

To add an account name, simply type in the account code number as it will be entered on your telephone system and add the name that you would like to be associated with this number. Then press the Add button.