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To configure TIM Plus to run over HTTPS (HTTP over SSL), you need a valid SSL certificate issued by a certificate authority (CA), such as VeriSign or Thawte. The certificate should be a .PCX file in PKCS#12 format and containing an SSL key.

To apply the certificate to TIM Plus, follow the steps below:

  1. Place the certificate in the following location of the main TIM Plus installation folder: {app}\Program Files (x86)\Tri-Line\TIM Plus\config
  2. Access Windows Registry Editor ( Start -> Run -> regedit.exe ) and go to the following Registry key:

  3. Add the following string values, amending the certificate name and password accordingly:

    String  nameString value


    {app}\Program Files\Tri-Line\TIM Plus\config\certificate.pfx


    {app}\Program Files\Tri-Line\TIM Plus\config\certificate.pfx




  4. Change the registry entry of the server port to 443, as shown below:

  5. Go to Windows services and restart the TIM Plus service.