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NetPBX is a stand-alone software utility that can be used to replace or extend the in-built data collection methods in our TIM Professional, TIM Plus and TIM Enterprise call logging products.

Its main purpose is to acquire call records from PBXs, routers and other telecom signalling equipment and send these across to a specified output location - the call logging software - using any of the following methods:

  • Serial (RS232) connections
  • Client socket connections
  • Server socket connections

When and where you should use NetPBX

NetPBX is always required for serial connections to PBX equipment, since this ensures a separate data buffer between the PBX and the call logging software.

Additionally, where your infrastructure spans multiple geographical locations, NetPBX can be installed at each one to provide remote buffering and delivery of data back to the central site, where your call logging software is installed.