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To edit a tariff table, select it from the Select tariff table drop-down list at the top-left of the screen. The table will be loaded into the main editing window displaying two panels, as shown below:

Dialling codes

The right-hand side panel contains a list with all dialling codes for both national and international calls. To switch between the national and international dialling codes view, select the relevant option. Mobile numbers and other non-geographic numbers will be displayed in the National table. Each dialling code contains a partial prefix which allows the system to recognise the destination from the original dialled number; a location name, such as London, a band name, and a code pattern.

To view or edit the properties of a dial code, located it in the list and double-click on it to open the Edit Code window:

Dialling code propertyDescription
DigitsThe digits necessary to associate a dialled number to a dialling code. When determining the destination and cost of a dialled number, the system takes the first six digits of the number and attempts to locate this in the table. If no match is found, the next five digits are being checked, and so on until the correct match is found.
LocationThe geographical location associated with the dial code.
BandThe name of the charge band containing the properties of any call to this type of number, such as cost per minute.
Code PatternA numeric mask used to validate a number of this type. For example, a London number requires a code-pattern of 020########*,  which indicates that the number must start with 020 and to be followed by at least eight digits in order to be valid. If this code pattern is not matched, the call is discarded.

Price bands

As described, each dialling code refers to a price band which contains all the information necessary to cost that call.

To view or edit the properties of a charge band, located it in the list and double-click on it to open the band's properties window:

Band FieldDescription
Band nameThe name of the band
Display nameThe band name displayed in the call view or reports
Min durationThe number of seconds a call must last in order to be chargeable
Connect timeA fixed period of time that is added to each call's duration
Call Setup FeeThe starting cost of a call, regardless of its duration
Min costThe minimum cost of a call, regardless of whether the call totals less at the defined rate
Max costThe maximum cost a call can reach, regardless of whether the call totals more at the defined rate
Weekday ratesThe call rates during weekdays
Saturday ratesThe call rates during Saturdays
Sunday ratesThe call rates during Sundays
Rate AmountsThe rates applied to the current price band
Cap limitThe maximum duration (in seconds) you want to restrict certain calls to
Cap amountThe maximum charge for a call to a particular number