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When the system processes each line of data, it extracts the components of the call record, such as extension number, date, duration etc., using a lookup in the associated template file.

The template file identifies each call type by marking the position on each line of call data, where each element should be extracted from.

In a TDT (template) file, the following element keys are used to define each field of a call record:

CharacterCell record element
aDate: DAY
bDate: MONTH
cDate: YEAR
dTime: HOUR
gDuration: HOURS
hDuration: MINUTES
iDuration: SECONDS
jExtension Number
kTrunk Access Code
lDialled Number / Dialled Digits
mTrunk/Line Number
nResponse Time: MINUTES
oResponse Time: SECONDS
pAccount Code
qCalling Line Identification (CLI)
rHistory: Value (historic)
sHistory: Pointer (historic)