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The TIM Professional application runs on a centralised machine within your network, and due to its in-built web server, it can also be accessed via a standard web browser from any other PC on your network.

To start the TIM Professional, locate the application name in the All Programs list in the Windows Start Menu or click on the desktop icon.

During start-up, various checks are being carried out, along with a success indicator for each. If one of these checks fails, the system will pause, allowing you to take remedial action. In the instance of a system start-up error, you are advised to contact our Technical Support team.

After the system has started, the Call View screen is displayed. If this is the first time you are running the application, this screen will be empty, as shown below:

As TIM Professional runs as an application, you need to ensure the program is running at all times in order to log all SMDR data.