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What is a site?

The function of a site object is to acquire call logging data from a telephone system, as well as serving as a representation of a hierarchical level in your organisation. TIM Plus allows the logging of data from up to five telephone systems and a site object must be configured for each one.

If your organisation makes use of more than five telephone systems, you should upgrade to the TIM Enterprise product.

The Sites panel is located on the top-left side of the Directory screen.

Adding a site

To add a site to the Directory, click on the Add button at the top-left of the panel, as shown below:

The Site properties window will appear, where you can enter the site's name, the PBX make and model, as well as the connection method used by your telephone system to deliver call logging data. For information on how to configure the rest of the site's properties, refer to the Configuring a site section.

When you have configured the site's properties, click on the Add button to add the site to the Directory.

Deleting a site

When you delete a site, you are deleting all the information contained within that site, including its users and channels, and any calls associated with those items!

To delete a site from the Directory, select the site you want to remove, then click on the Properties button, as shown below:

The Site Properties window will appear. Click on the Delete site tab at the bottom-left of the window to remove the site from the Directory; a confirmation will be required, to prevent the site being deleted accidentally.