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Exporting CDR/CMR records

The following procedure describes how to export CDR/CMR into a dump file. This information was taken from Export CDR/CMR Records Configuration section of Cisco's documentation.

  1. Go to the CDR Analysis and Reporting section and select  CDR -> Export CDR/CMR option.The Export CDR/CMR records window will display.
  2. In the From and To date drop-down list boxes, choose a date range for the CDR/CMR dump.TXT file.
  3. In Select records, check the CDR and/or CMR check box.
  4. Click Export to File.

Re-running the data

To re-run the CDRs in TIM Plus, you need to rename the dump file extension from .TXT to the unique identifier of your PBX object in TIM Plus. To obtain the ID of a site, hover the mouse pointer over it on the Directory page in TIM Plus and the site ID will be displayed as a tooltip as shown below:

After renaming the file extension, copy it into the following location on the computer running TIM Plus: C:\Program Files\Tri-Line\TIM Plus\spool\.

TIM Plus will now process the data and it should be visible on the Call view screen.