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This section allows you to configure the details of your mail server in order to enable TIM Plus to send out scheduled reports, call alarms, missed call notifications or system alerts.

The table below contains a description of each field in this section.

Field nameDescription
Server host & portThe IP address or host name of your company's mail server and the port number, which by default is 25.
Greeting nameThe Greeting name required by your mail server to identify the computer that is sending the email. In most cases, this is the network name of the server running TIM Plus.
"From" addressThe email address that will appear in the From section of any emails sent from TIM Plus.
Test addressThe email address you want to use to send a test email, in order to verify your email settings.
TypeThe authentication method used by your mail server. Choose None if the authentication is automatic or not used.
UsernameEnter the username of the SMTP authentication.
PasswordEnter the password of the SMTP authentication.

If you don't know any of the information required in this section, consult your system maintainer.