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The Directory is the place where all of your sites, groups, users and channels are configured. In here, objects can be added, moved around your organisation and be inspected and modified.

To access the Directory, select the Directory tab from the main menu, as shown below:

If you are logged in as a standard web user whose access is restricted to a specific group, the Directory tab will not be displayed. For administrative privileges, contact your system maintainer.

The Directory screen contains three panels, as detailed below:


The Sites panel is located at the top-left of the Directory screen. The function of a site object is to acquire call logging data from a telephone system, as well as serving as a representation of a hierarchical level in your organisation. TIM Plus allows the logging of data from up to five telephone systems and a site object must be configured for each one.

For more information, click on the Sites page.


The Groups panel is located at the top-right of the Directory screen and contains groups of users (extensions) and channels (trunks), with each type of group divided into separate tabs. By selecting a tab, all of the groups of that type will be displayed in the panel.

For more information, click on the Groups page.


The Contents panel is located at the bottom-half of the Directory screen. This contains the individual objects belonging to the previously-selected user or channel group.

For more information, click on the Contents page.