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To get enhanced call logging data, install our CXD Connector tool to act as a relay between TIM Plus and your 3CX PBX.

CXD Connector circumvents the built-in SMDR functionality of the 3CX, so there's no need to configure any SMDR settings.

You can install the Linux version of CXD Connector directly onto your 3CX if you have root access to it, or you can install the Windows version to a separate computer, such as the one which TIM Plus is installed on.

CXD Connector is a read-only tool; it neither modifies your 3CX configuration nor directly accesses any 3CX internal databases

Installing CXD on your 3CX

Using SSH, connect to your 3CX using a privileged user account, then enter the following commands:

This will start the text-based installer which consists of a series of prompts to enter the settings described below.  Press ENTER at any prompt to accept the default value shown in square brackets.

If you enter an invalid value (e.g. a port you've chosen is already in use) you will be prompted again until a valid value has been entered.  To abort the installation, press CTRL+C.

HTTP port [5080]The default HTTP port to use for web requests.
HTTPS port [5443]The default HTTPS port to use for web requests.
TCP port [7000]The port used by CXD to emit live event data over a TCP connection. This is the port used when setting up the connection in TIM Plus.
Authentication Key [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]Choose a secret that you will also use when setting up the connection in TIM Plus. Press ENTER without typing a secret if you want to accept the random secret the installer has generated for you.
Register product [YES]

You can choose to register the installation with your Tri-Line account. If you select YES, you'll be asked for your Tri-Line Gateway login details: username (email) and password.

If you skip this step, you can assign the installation to a customer account later in the Tri-Line Gateway using your web browser.

After completing the steps above, the installer automatically enrols with the licensing service and starts CXD automatically.

To connect TIM Plus to your newly-installed CXD service, see Configure TIM Plus below.

Installing CXD on a separate Windows computer

To get a copy of the Windows version of the CXD Connector, submit a support ticket through our online Gateway or send an email to [email protected].

Once you have the installation package, before you begin installation, please check you have the following information to hand:-

  • IP address of your 3CX PBX
  • A username and password of a privileged account (e.g. root) that the installer can use to SSH in to your 3CX.

Once you have obtained your copy of the CXD Connector installation package, run it and follow these steps:

  1. Choose an installation location:

  2. On the “Select Components” section, leave all options selected as default and click Next .
  3. On the “Ready to install” section, click on Install.
  4. Once the installation is complete, the CXD configuration screen will be displayed:

    Enter the IP address of your 3CX PBX in the first field.  The username and password fields should be those of a privileged SSH user on your 3CX.
    When you've entered the details, click Next to attempt the connection to the 3CX.

  5. After a successful connection has been established, the next screen allows you to set the ports that CXD will provide, as well as an API Secret:

    The API Secret is randomly generated, but you can choose your own.

    When you've made a note of these details - they'll be needed when connecting TIM Plus to CXD - click Next.
  6. When the wizard completes, it automatically starts the CXD Service:

Configuring TIM Plus

 Now you've installed CXD, either directly on to your 3CX or on a separate Windows computer, you need to log in to TIM Plus and create a connection to the CXD service:

  1. Add a new site object by first navigating to the Directory tab:

  2. Click on the 'Add' dropdown in the 'Sites' panel as shown below:
  3. Then select 'PBX' as shown below:
  4. A ‘Site properties’ panel will pop up. Select the 'PBX' tab and fill in as follows:

    Name: Name of Site or Location where the PBX is located e.g. London.
    PBX: Select ‘3CX CXD’ from the drop-down list.
    Connection Method: Select ‘Actively connect to PBX’ from the drop-down list.
    Host: The IP address of the machine where the CXD server was installed.
    Password: This is the ‘API Secret’ created earlier.
    Connection Script: Select '3CX CXD' from the drop-down list.

  5. An additional benefit of using CXD as the connection method is that TIM Plus can sync with the 3CX Server. A sync will allow you to pull a list of users and devices from the system. This allows you to configure and set up the directory much faster.
  6. On the “Site Properties” Panel click on the 'Sync' tab.
  7. Enter the following information:

    Host: IP Address of the machine hosting the CXD server and the HTTP port set earlier when configuring the CXD server (Default 7000).


    Password: Click Set, this is the ‘API Secret’ created earlier.

  8. Click 'Save' and the users will sync.
  9. Data should now appear within the 'Call view' Tab a test call can be made to confirm this.