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If you stopped receiving data from your Cisco UCM, you need to restart the CDR Services on the Publisher node.

DO NOT delete the Call Accounting and Billing server, as this will remove any CDRs that have not been sent.

To restart the CDR services, log in to the Cisco Unified Serviceability screen and select Tools -> Control Center -> Network Services from the main menu. Locate the CDR services section in the list and restart the following services in the order specified below;

  1. Cisco Database Layer Monitor (Depending on Cisco UCM version, you may not have this service)
  2. Cisco CDR Repository Manager
  3. Cisco CDR Agent
  4. Cisco CAR Scheduler (if sending CMRs)

CDRs should now be sent to the configured Call Accounting and Billing server, i.e. the machine running TIM Plus.