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TIM Plus can be configured to raise an alert when particular events occur whilst the system is running. The alerts can be saved to a log file on disk or sent as an email notification. The table below describes the type of alerts emitted from TIM Plus:

CriticalA critical alert notifies you of any events that are detrimental to the system, e.g. database failure
WarningA warning alert notifies you of any non-critical events that have occurred on the system, e.g. you have exceeded your license limit
InformationAn information alert notifies you of any system events that have occurred on the system, e.g. if the application service has been restarted
Voice auditAn alert that notifies you of progress during call recording operations
AuditProvides very detailed information about ongoing system events, primarily used for fault-finding

To send an alert as a notification email, enter the email address in the text box alongside each type of alert, as shown below:

To send alerts to multiple email addresses, separate each entry with a semicolon.

By default, the alerts are also outputted to a log file, using the following dynamic variables to define the path of the folder where the files will be stored: {app}\logs\{year}\{year}-{month}-{day}. The dynamic variables used to define the path are explained in the table below:

appThe full installation path of TIM Plus
yearThe year the data was captured in yyyy format
monthThe month the data was captured in mm format
dayThe day of the month when data was captured in dd format

 To choose a different location to store the logs files, overtype the existing entry.

When you have finished configuring the settings, click on the Save button to apply the changes, as shown below: