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To add a new band to the tariff table, click on the Add band tab, as shown below:

The Add new band  window will appear, where you can edit the properties of you band. Each field in this window is described below:

Band nameThe name of the band
Display nameThe band name displayed in the call view or reports
Min costThe minimum cost of a call, regardless of whether the call totals less at the defined rate
Max costThe maximum cost a call can reach, regardless of whether the call totals more at the defined rate
Start costThe starting cost of a call, regardless of its duration
Min durationThe number of seconds a call must last in order to be chargeable
Connect timeA fixed period of time that is added to each call's duration
Weekday ratesThe call rates during weekdays
Saturday ratesThe call rates during Saturdays
Sunday ratesThe call rates during Sundays
Cap limitThe maximum duration (in seconds) you want to restrict certain calls to
Cap amountThe maximum charge for a call to a particular number
Rateable unitThe unit of time (in seconds) that a call's duration is divided into, when used as a multiplier to determine the cost of a call. By default, the rateable unit in TIM Enterprise is 1 - per second - but could be changed to 60 to enable per minute billing, for example.

When you have finished configuring these properties, click on the OK button to apply the changes.