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In addition to the Echo software, to record calls over PSTN, channels such as ISDN30 (PRI/E1/T1/J1), ISDN2 (BRI) or analogue POT lines, a piece of physical hardware is necessary to physically tap into your lines. These hardware devices passively intercept your phone lines, monitoring and recording all calls that pass along the lines. The hardware is available in various form factors, in order to address various deployment needs.

For small deployments of 30-channels PRI/SIP, 8-Channels BRI or 8-channels of POTS/Analogue, a USB box is recommended. For medium-sized deployments of up to 240 ISDN channels, a PCI or PCI-Express card will be required, and for sites with a larger channel count, we tend to supply a HyperArray Voice Recording Unit.