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The Echo Obfuscator plug-in for Google Chrome automatically masks out sensitive parts of phone calls when specific websites/URLs are accessed.
When the plug-in detects that a specific URL is visited, call obfuscation commences; when the user leaves the URL, obfuscation stops.
Whilst it can also be used in custom applications, the plug-in is primarily intended for hiding the card particulars when card payment gateway sites are accessed.


Search the Google Chrome web store for Echo Obfuscator and follow the installation steps given by your browser:

After installation, the Echo Obfuscator plug-in will be shown in your plug-in bar as shown below:

Upon first use, you must configure the plug-in with the connection details of your TIM Plus or TIM Enterprise installation.  These products, in turn, communicate with your Echo call recording system.

Automatic configuration

By default, the plug-in is configured automatically by entering a unique short code that your service provider issues to you.  This method means your plug-in will work "out of the box" with no user interaction.

Manual configuration

If you weren't issued with a short code by your service provider, you must configure the plug-in manually in order for it to communicate with your TIM Plus or TIM Enterprise installation.  The following fields are required:

ProtocolSet to either HTTP or HTTPS, depending on the protocol your TIM installation is using
HostEnter the IP address or hostname of the computer running TIM. To specify a non-standard port, enter the address followed by a colon, then the port number, e.g.
UsernameThe username of a webuser object you already configured in TIM
PasswordThe password of the webuser object
ExtensionThe browser user's telephone extension number. This is used to identify which user is on the call and therefore which call should be masked out.
PBXIf your TIM installation has multiple PBXs, specify the one associated with the browser user
Show notificationEnabling this option shows messages on your desktop each time a call is starting or stopping obfuscation
Target URLs

Enter each URL that should cause a call to be obfuscated into the box alongside Add URL, then click the Add URL link to add it to the list.

When you've finished configuring the plug-in, don't forget to hit the Save button.

As soon as you save the settings, whenever any of the target URLs is visited, the plug-in will start obfuscating the call.


In order to use the Echo Obfuscator plug-in, the following must be true:

  • You have a licensed copy of TIM Plus or TIM Enterprise, at least version
  • You have an Echo call recording installation, at least version