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Whilst display boards can be populated by various external data feeds, their principal use is to display up-to-the-minute information about your organisation's phone calls, for which objects known as "stats points" are employed. These statistics collection points are mathematical "counters" whose scope is determined by their placement in your directory hierarchy. For example, placing a stats point inside a specific user group ensures that call information is collected only for users that inhabit the selected group. Similarly, placing a stats point inside a site will collect only call information for the chosen site.

Additionally, when configuring a stats point, a subject must be specified, which determines the property of each call whose value will be used when grouping its collated information into distinct sets. For example, specifying a subject of "user" will group its collated call information into sets of data for each distinct user.

Stats points are defined in the Stats points tab on the Live stats screen, as shown below:

For more information about stats points and how to create them, refer to the Stats points section.

In order to create a display board containing call information, at least one stats point must be defined first.