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These instructions help you configure your Mitel MiVoice Office / Mitel HX / 250 / 5000-7000 phone system to work with TIM Plus. Contact your system maintainer if you are not familiar with the configuration of your PBX.

Connection Type
  TIM Plus establishes a TCP connection to this PBX.

Support Files
  Mitel 5000-7000.TDT
  Mitel 5000-7000.TDS
Required Tasks
  Configure the SMDR output
  Configure TIM Plus

Configuring your SMDR output

By default, the Mitel 5000-7000 has its SMDR output disabled. Follow the steps below to enable it:

  1. Log in to the Mitel DB Studio software.
  2. Click and expand the System node.
  3. Click and expand the Cabinet node.
  4. Select the Sockets node.
  5. In the right-hand window, click on the SMDR parameter to set its enabled state to Yes.

  6. Click and expand the System icon.
  7. Click and expand the Maintenance icon.
  8. Click on the SMDR icon.
  9. On the right-hand side you will have the SMDR fields that need to be configured, as shown below:

Configuring TIM Plus

Follow the steps below to configure TIM Plus to collect the SMDR data from your Mitel 5000-7000:

  1. Click on the Directory tab.
  2. Choose the site you want to configure and click Properties.

  3. In the Site Properties window, select Mitel 5000-7000 from the PBX model drop-down list.
  4. In the Connection method field, select Actively connect to PBX from the drop-down list.
  5. In the Host field, enter the IP address of your Mitel 5000-7000.
  6. In the Port field, enter 4000.
  7. Leave the Username and Password fields blank.
  8. In the Connection script field, select Mitel 5000-7000 from the drop-down list.
  9. Click on the Save button to apply the settings.