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Echo is the call recording service that can be paired with our TIM Plus or TIM Enterprise call logging solutions in order to provide a fully-integrated call logging and recording solution. Echo intercepts ISDN lines and VoIP network traffic (SIP or SCCP protocol based) such that any phone calls made or received over those channels are blended into the call records of the paired TIM Plus or TIM Enterprise call logger.

To record calls over PSTN, channels such as ISDN30 (PRI/E1/T1/J1), ISDN2 (BRI) or analogue POT lines, a piece of physical hardware is used to connect into your lines, such as a USB box or a PCI card, depending on your deployment needs.

For VoIP (SIP) channels, a PC with a standard network interface card (NIC) can be used to capture the voice packets from strategic points in your voice network. If many simultaneous VoIP calls are expected, a dedicated computer with multiple NICs becomes necessary.

All calls are securely encrypted using an industry standard 256-bit key AES algorithm.