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Software license

When you purchase this software, you are actually purchasing a license to use it.

One license covers one installation of the software, although a single copy of TIM Enterprise may be used to log an unlimited number of telephone systems.

Cloud connectors are charged separately and usually in the form of a monthly or annual subscription.

Your support contract, if applicable, covers support for all on-premise communication systems logged by a single installation.


Tri-Line Network Telephony Ltd ("Tri-Line") makes no warranties nor representations (neither expressed nor implied) with respect to the contents or performance of the product or this documentation. It particularly disclaims any warranty of fitness or merchantability for any particular purpose.

The product is sold "as is" with any faults. Any claims made by sales literature or salespersons do not constitute warranties.

Because of the diversity of hardware, software and conditions under which the system may be used, Tri-Line cannot make any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk of using the product must be assumed by the user. Accordingly, the user is recommended to thoroughly test the product before relying on it. In any event, any liability of Tri-Line is limited exclusively to a refund of the purchase price of the product.

It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the product or its use conforms to any laws concerning the provision of data protection in their organisation.

Tri-Line reserves the right to revise and make changes to the software and/or the hardware and/or this documentation without incurring any obligation to notify any person of such changes and/or revisions.

By using the software you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

TIM Enterprise® is a registered trademark of and copyright © Tri-Line Network Telephony Limited, London, England, 2023.

All rights of the manufacturer are reserved. Any unauthorised lending, copying, hiring, or any other form of distribution, electronically or otherwise, without the consent of the copyright holders is strictly prohibited.

The contact details of the copyright holders are:

Tri-Line Network Telephony Limited
9-10 Telfords Yard
The Highway
Switchboard: +44 20 7265 2600
Technical Support: +44 20 7265 2626

Free upgrades

We operate a free upgrade scheme for customers who purchase maintenance at the same time as purchasing a license; whilst a maintenance contract is in place, minor software updates and enhancements are made available free of charge.

Free upgrades are solely at the discretion of Tri-Line and are usually delivered by electronic means over the internet. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that these updates can be received.

Customers without a maintenance contract will be charged for any software upgrades they require, as well as for any technical assistance needed during the upgrade procedure.