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These instructions help you configure your 3CX phone system to work with TIM Plus. Contact your system maintainer if you are not familiar with the configuration of your PBX.

Connection Type
  TIM Plus listens for connections from this PBX.

Support Files
Required Tasks
  Configure the SMDR output
  Configure TIM Plus

Configuring your SMDR output

Download the interface file 

  1. Visit the Gateway and download the interface files from the Related downloads section, as shown below:

  2. Extract the 3CX.ZIP file onto the desktop.

  3. Copy the 3CX.TDT and 3CX.TDS files into C:\Program Files\Tri-Line\TIM Plus\config, overwriting any existing files with the same name.

Configure the interface file

  1. Transfer the CDRTemplate-Socket.xml file onto the 3CX server and place it in the following location: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\3CX\Data\CDRTemplates.

  2. Edit CDRTemplate-Socket.xml and update the relevant entry to point to the IP address of the machine running TIM Plus.

Enable the CDR output

  1. Log in to your 3CX server and from the main menu go to Settings->Advanced.

  2. Select CDR output from the Advanced Settings screen, as shown below:

  3. Enable the tick box for Output CDR to Socket (Active - Initiates connection) and click Apply.

  4. Under 3CX Phone System, click Service Status and within the Service Name section, select 3CX PhoneSystem Call History.

  5. Click Restart to load the new XML file.

Configuring TIM Plus

Follow the steps below to configure TIM Plus to listen for SMDR data from your 3CX phone system:

  1. Click on the Directory tab.
  2. Choose the site you want to configure and click Properties.

  3. In the Site Properties window, select 3CX from the PBX model drop-down list.
  4. In the Connection method field, select Listen for connections from PBX from the drop-down list.
  5. Leave the Host field blank.
  6. In the Port field, enter 33555 as the default port for connections to this PBX.
  7. Click on the Save button to apply the settings.