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The network layout below is an example of a typical installation that would allow recording of internal and external calls across the telephone network, depending on the configuration.

Monitoring handsets that are capable of either SCCP or SIP communication allow generic recording to occur, regardless of what combination of PSTN interfaces are in use, e.g. SIP, PRI, BRI or analogue.

To record extension-side audio, the monitoring can be configured in two ways. The first method will record external calls only, whereas the second will record all calls but will add further load to the managed switch.

External onlyThe managed switch needs to be configured to mirror the port where the telephone system connects to the telephone network.

All calls

The managed switch needs to be configured to mirror every port that has a telephone connected to it, but the telephone system's network connection doesn’t need to be mirrored.  

This method allows the collection of the internal RTP traffic that would not be seen at the telephone system's network connection.