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Different web browsers behave differently when asked to automatically log in to web sites. Variously, they range from complete prohibition of the practise to permitting it only if certain system parameters are configured.

e.g. Chrome + Firefox have plugins that allow auto login :-

Chrome - Auto Login

Firefox - Auto Auth


In this article, details of how to allow automatic logging-in to a web page concerns the Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 6 and above) browsers only. Please consult your browser documentation for a solution related to your own choice of browser.


  • USERNAME replace with the username of the web user you use to access the page
  • PASSWORD replace with the password of the web user you use to access the page
  • HOSTNAME replace with the host name or IP address of the machine running TIM Plus


This information is available in more detail at the Microsoft Support site:

http://Microsoft has removed the ability to auto login using regedit. They've patched it :-

(As with the previous Internet Explorer Cumulative Security Update, MS04-004, this update prevents you from visiting Web sites that have "username:[email protected]" URLs for XMLHTTP. We have created an update to MSXML that addresses this issue specifically for XMLHTTP. For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 832414.)