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These instructions explain the process of linking your TIM Plus system with a cloud-based Wildix PBX system, enabling you to analyze your call data.

Support files

Ensure the following support files exist in the /config/ folder of the TIM Plus application:


 Add a new data source

Connecting TIM Plus to your Microsoft Teams account is very similar to the way you connect to any other PBX or communications service:- 

  • Select the Directory tab and navigate to the part of the directory where you want to store the new data source.
  • Press the New object button at the top of the directory list.
  • In the Add new object window that appears, select PBX from the Other object list, then enter a name for the data source - such as Microsoft Teams - at the bottom of the window.
  • Click the Add button

Configure the new data source

Click on the newly-added data source object in the directory list, then choose Properties from the pop-up menu in order to configure the data source:-


  • On the General tab, choose Microsoft Teams in the Data format list on the right.
  • On the Connection tab, choose OpenCDR as the connection method in the left-hand panel.
  • In the Details panel on the right-hand side, choose Microsoft Teams from the drop-down list of online services, then click Register.
  • Click on the Sign in with Microsoft button:
  • You'll be redirected to Microsoft's authentication system and asked to grant permission for the TIM application to access your call records. Please ensure the Microsoft account you use has the rights to grant the required permissions:
  • When authentication is complete, you'll be redirected back to the TIM Plus directory, specifically to the newly-authorised data source.
  • If the authorisation was accepted, you should see a Connected status in the Details panel:
  • Press the Save button to save your new data source.

Automatic directory synchronisation

TIM Plus will automatically synchronise its directory with your Microsoft Azure directory every day to ensure that all of your Teams users' details are propagated to the TIM Plus directory.

TIM Plus is limited to read-only access to your Microsoft Teams users, so changing a user's details in TIM Plus will not change the user in Microsoft Teams.

Because the access is read-only, you can group Teams users into different groups within TIM Plus without affecting group membership in your Teams account, which can be useful for comparisons across your Teams groups.

Full integration

 As with any other data source - such as a PBX - all of your Teams calls and meetings are fully integrated into the TIM Plus platform, including in reports and live display boards.

Call types

Available call types include inbound calls, outbound calls, internal calls, conference calls and missed calls.

Calls into your Teams account from outside Teams, such as PSTN (Microsoft Calling Plans) and Direct Routed (SIP) calls are also fully captured by TIM Plus.

TIM Plus captures calls from Teams meetings hosted both within your tenancy and those from external Teams meetings.