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If you enter an invalid value (e.g. a port you've chosen is already in use) you will be prompted again until a valid value has been entered.  To abort the installation, press


HTTP port [5080]The default HTTP port to use for web requests.
HTTPS port [5443]The default HTTPS port to use for web requests.
TCP port [7000]The port used by CXD to emit live event data over a TCP connection. This is the port used when setting up the connection in TIM Enterprise.
Authentication Key [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]Choose a secret that you will also use when setting up the connection in TIM Enterprise. Press ENTER without typing a secret if you want to accept the random secret the installer has generated for you.
Register product [YES]

You can choose to register the installation with your Tri-Line account. If you select YES, you'll be asked for your Tri-Line Gateway login details: username (email) and password.

If you skip this step, you can assign the installation to a customer account later in the Tri-Line Gateway using your web browser.


To connect TIM Enterprise to your newly-installed CXD service, see Configure TIM Enterprise below.

Installing CXD on a separate Windows computer