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StepIOS commandsDescription
1enableCauses the UCME to enter EXEC mode. Type your EXEC password if requested
2conf tEnters the global configuration mode
3aaa new-modelEnables aaa accounting mode
aaa accounting connection h323 start-stop group RADIUS
gw-accounting aaa
acct-template callhistory-detail
4RADIUS-server host auth-port 0 acct-port 1612Specifies the IP address and port of TIM Plus's RADIUS, to which CDR data will be sent, e.g.
5RADIUS-server key C1scoSpecifies a RADIUS authentication secret that will be used by TIM Plus (configured in the next section), e.g.
6RADIUS-server vsa send accounting
Enables VSA events
7endExits configuration mode
8wrSaves the changes

Multi-site configuration

 If you need to send the data to more than one server, such as TIM Plus and UCC server for example, you can set up multiple RADIUS connections in the phone system. To configure a multi-site system, follow the steps below: